Specifications & Operation of ShoulderMaster SM1500

Technical Specifications Overview of ShoulderMaster SM1500

  • Connection Point:  Standard Skid-Steer or Compact Track Loader connection.
  • Remote Operational Control Unit: Allows operators to remain out of any danger zones, whilst still controlling all functions of the machine.
  • Average Dispersion Travel Speed:  100m per 10 minutes (Based on 1m wide 100mm thick asphalt)
  • Total Weight: 2160 Kgs
  • Overall Length: 3000mm
  • Overall Width: 1800mm
  • Overall Height: 1200mm
  • Screed Travel: 300mm – 1500mm
  • Screed Height Adjustment –  Fully extended @1500mm LG = 100mm below road surface: Any Distance = 50 mm above road surface.
  • Slope Angle of ScreedAdjustment:  + / – 5 degrees.
  • Hopper Capacity: 3 Tonne Asphalt/Gravel
  • Screed LPG: Heated for Asphalt use only.
  • LPG supply: fitted with dual safety cut-off valves.
  • LPG bottle: fitted under the first step covers of the machine.
  • Screed Burner: will only ignite at full extension.
  • Emergency E-Stop: fitted for safety of users
  • Manual Override System: In case of misplaced or flat remote control
  • Relief Valve: Fitted for system protection
  • Smaller Hydraulic Hose: Supply feed
  • Larger Hydraulic Hose: Return feed.
  • ShoulderMaster’s™ Hydraulic Hoses: To be changed to match the feed outputs of the operating Skid-Steer.
  • Skid-Steer to have a Min Hydraulic Flow:  80 – 85L / minute. (Any operating unit exceeding this flow will have the balance of the flow returning back to the holding tank of the machine. Skid-Steers that have a reduced hydraulic flow than the above will be still able to operate the ShoulderMaster™ SM1500 at a reduced performance level)
  • Skid-Steer Minimum Power Output: 53KW (70HP)

Operations of SM1500

The ShoulderMaster™ SM1500 is a portable attachment specifically designed to rehabilitate and widen road shoulders. It has a tubular steel chassis supported by dual full swivel wheels located at the front of the unit.

The rear of the unit is manufactured to facilitate ease of attachment to Skid Steer or Compact Track Loader which hydraulically operates and propels the unit. The ShoulderMaster™ is connected to the Skid Steer’s hydraulic system via two quick release high flow hydraulic hoses.

The ShoulderMaster™ SM1500 is supplied with a screed plate which is heated via an on-board LPG heater system. The heated screed plate is used only for the purpose of asphaltic concrete placement only

Construction materials (asphalt or granular material) are loaded into the main internal hopper at the front of the ShoulderMaster™ SM1500 by the tipping action of the delivery truck. The rear wheels of the tipping truck make contact upon reversing with a set of horizontal rollers which are aligned with the tipping truck rear wheels. The Skid Steer or Compact Track Loader propels both the ShoulderMaster™ and tipping truck  together in a forward motion and also controls the speed of the operation. The ShoulderMaster™ is also fitted with a video camera that is connected to a video monitor in the cabin of the Skid Steer which allows the operator to make ongoing adjustments to direction or speed of the Skid Steer.

The ShoulderMaster SM1500 has a vertical screed adjustment from 50mm above the surface to 100mm below controlled by a hydraulic cylinder located in the main body of the unit. It has a horizontal adjustment range which allows for pavement widenings from 300mm to 1500mm and also has a hydraulic tilt function for grade control which allows for materials to be placed on grades from 0 degrees to +/- 5 degrees.

The ShoulderMaster™ SM1500 is driven by an independent variable speed hydraulic drive system (Skid Steer or Compact Track Loader) with the mechanisms being controlled on the ShoulderMaster™ by a 4 bank sectional valve hydraulic operation. The valve bank is controlled via a rechargeable hand held radio control unit (HRRCU).

The system is designed to allow for the unit to be controlled remotely outside the safety exclusion workzone where the ‘train’ of vehicles (Skid Steer, ShoulderMaster™ and Tipping Truck) is operating. This remote control operation provides greater operator safety to reduce risk of injury to the worker on foot.

The speed of construction material delivery can be varied by the remote control via the variable speed hydraulic motor to cater to varying depths and widths of the excavation that may be encountered.