About the ShoulderMaster


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ShoulderMaster: The future of road safety.

Inadequate road shoulders are a significant cause of road fatalities.

Road shoulder repairs, maintenance and road-widening, results in safer roads and safer motorists.

ShoulderMaster is the efficient and cost-effective way to safer roads.

It’s clever design allows for an easy connection in just minutes with remote selection for shoulder width and grade control.

ShoulderMaster can lay granular materials or heated asphalt delivering 3 to 5 tonnes per minute.

Laying up to 400 metres per hour ShoulderMaster can widen roads in less than one third the time and for under a third the cost of conventional methods.

ShoulderMaster delivers clean, precise edges adding up to 2100mm to shoulder width in a single pass.

Tony Green, Engineering Works Manager, Kempsey Shire Council: “The ShoulderMaster is cost-effective in that it can lay up to 400m/hour. Council is impressed with how clean and tidy the whole operations is leaving an upgraded shoulder that can be trafficked on at the end of the day”.

ShoulderMaster is the future of road safety.