Innovative Design

Designed and developed with Australian road conditions in mind, the ShoulderMaster is an Australian first and was officially unveiled by The Hon John Barilaro MP, Minister for Small Business, Minister for Skills and Minister for Regional Development and also The Hon Leslie Williams MP, Member for Port Macquarie.

The unveiling ceremony saw the ShoulderMaster launched onto the Australian market at Australian Technology Park, Sydney on 11September 2015 in front of invited guests and media.

The innovative universal skid steer paver attachment is quickly and easily attached to any skid steer and provides a faster and more economical way to rehabilitate and widen the shoulder of any road.

The ShoulderMaster can deliver granular materials or asphalt to the road shoulder and can lay materials at a rate of over 100 metres per hour depending on depth of excavation.

The width of any road can be widened from 0.5m up to 1.5m in one pass and the ShoulderMaster has a depth control of between 25mm to 150mm with can be used to deliver different layers to the excavated area under repair.

A hydraulic tilt function allows for materials to be placed on grades ranging from 0.5% to +/- 5% with all function remotely controlled from outside of the exclusion zone in order to minimise risk of harm to the worker on foot.

The ShoulderMaster is fitted with a screed plate ensuring that asphalt is laid in a similar way to that of any conventional large asphalt paver.

The large hopper of the ShoulderMaster holds over two tonne of construction materials and can be continuously fed from the tipping truck during remediation or road widening phase.

This specialised road maintenance equipment is set to revolutionise the way Councils and Contractors repair Australian roads into the future and has the potential to save Australian Local and State Governments tens of millions of dollars.

Shouldermaster Shoulder widener