Shouldermaster News

Australia’s first skid steer paver attachment, the ShoulderMaster, has been designed and built to improve the safety of Australian roads whilst also providing a safe working environment for the operator of the machinery.

The ShoulderMaster has received much interest from all levels of Government and also the private sector and is gaining recognition as an innovative approach to road safety and maintenance.

The ShoulderMaster is well on the way to revolutionise the way roads are maintained and made safer in the future and will be sharing the news along the way.

ShoulderMaster displays at Diesel, Dirt & Dust Expo

ShoulderMaster has recently displayed at Australia's foremost heavy equipment and construction expo, Diesel, Dirst and Turf at Penrith Panther's. Displaying both the original SM1500 model as well as the SM2100 model we had lots of interest from government and...

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ShoulderMaster SM2100 model hits the market

Stabilcorp today completed a new model called ShoulderMaster SM2100. This is a Skid Steer attachment is purpose-built to satisfy the demand for dispersing granular material like gravel on shoulders and verges. Significantly this powerful attachment has a capability to...

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